About Us

Why SafeShowings Started

Our founder, Helen Hudson, a REALTOR® in Charleston, SC experienced a situation that made her fear for her personal safety. She researched safety apps, and none were what she was looking for, so she created her own; SafeShowings!


The number of crimes and murders committed against real estate professionals continues to increase every year, even since the below video was produced. This is why all real estate professionals must put their safety first and use the SafeShowings app. The mission of SafeShowings is to deter criminal behavior against Real Estate Professionals, Home Owners, and Clients. Listen to Helen’s story below. 

“My goal is to deter criminal behavior by creating a law, policy, or procedure that requires Real Estate Professionals to capture a photo of the face of each person

that crosses the threshold of a home. The SafeShowings App that I created will securely capture an image of the buyer’s face

and deter criminal behavior against Real Estate Professionals.”

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About the Founder


Helen Hudson is an active REALTOR® in Charleston, SC


She has a passion to make a difference for her clients and for other Real Estate Professionals.


One of Helen’s passions is advocating for Real Estate safety, which inspired her to create the SafeShowings app.


Helen has an impressive track record as a REALTOR® and a Property Management Executive :

  • Founder of the SafeShowings App
  • Member of National Association of REALTORS®
  • Member of SC Association of REALTORS®
  • Member of Charleston Trident Association of REALTORS®
  • 2019 Bronze Partner, CTAR
  • Graduate of the Carolina One Ninja Installation
  • Continuing Real Estate Education
  • Leigh Brown Boot Camp Attendee
  • Former Executive with a national property management corporation