SafeShowings Keeps Real Estate Professionals Safe!

Securely Capture a Driver's License

SafeShowings requires the Real Estate Professional to capture an image of the client's Driver's License.

If the Real Estate Professional does not press the end showing button, all emergency contacts will be notified with the exact location, time, and authorities will have an image of the perpetrator's Driver's License.

Create an Emergency Contact List

Create your personalized list of contacts. You will be able to mark yourself safe or send your contacts an alert if you are not heard from within an allotted amount of time.

Give Your Seller Security
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A client could have a criminal background and intend to return to the home at a future date and rob, kidnap or harm the family.  SafeShowings deters criminal behavior by capturing an image of the client's Driver’s License.

3 Simple Steps to Get Started:


1. Register your information 


2. Enter emergency contacts 


3. Create a showing

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